Baltic Amber for Teething- Does it Work?

2 thoughts on “Baltic Amber for Teething- Does it Work?”

  1. Ah, my eldest son who is 12 now suffered from teething really bad and we tried everything. There are loads we can do for the pain but there is nothing we can do to stop this happening as you cant stop those baby teeth pushing through their gums.
    Myself and my wife have always used Ashton & Parsons powder for all 4 of our sons but it didn’t always work with them all.
    Obviously, we tried giving them cooled down gum soothers and plenty of Calpol but I don’t think you can ever totally stop the pain.
    And it’s funny that you say that you can use Amber to soothe the pain of teething because my grandad used to be an Amber dealer so he would have been very useful when he had all that precious stones.
    Do you think that just the Amber would have worked or does it have to be Baltic Amber?


    1. Hi Matthew! Personally, I don’t feel like amber works, as I explained above, but for those that subscribe to the idea it would need to be the Baltic Amber. This is because only Baltic Amber is “certified” to contain the acid needed to help with the pain relief. Great question!Also, I have never heard of the Ashton & Parsons powder so thank you for that idea! Gonna get on my research hat and check that out for sure.


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