Essential Oils for Teething – What to Use to Help Baby

2 thoughts on “Essential Oils for Teething – What to Use to Help Baby”

  1. HI Nicke,

    I worked with kids before but no experience with using essentials with them. Nice to know that they are safe to use for babies.

    Personally, I’d like to use them but I’m afraid I’ll have allergy because with perfumes I get headaches.

    Which scent would you recommend for me , which is not too strong?



    1. Hi Marita! Essential oils can definitely be safe for baby, just always remember to dilute. As far as reactions go, everyone is different but remember that essential oils are completely natural while most perfumes are not. If you are looking for help with teething, chamomile is likely the most gentle scent. Lavender is also a very mild and calming scent. It is not my personal favorite but if you dilute it or mix it with another scent it is not nearly as overpowering and it is really effective. Hope that helps, good luck!


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