Top 10 Baby Shower Gifts: Teething Edition

2 thoughts on “Top 10 Baby Shower Gifts: Teething Edition”

  1. Hi Nicke,

    Awesome article!

    My sister just gave birth a weeks ago, so I was looking for a gift for her baby boy:) I really like the mix and match organic set and the baby mat. I may buy both of them because they are so cute. Does the baby mat exist in other colors? Also, I would like to know if something is wrong with the gift, will I’ll be able to get a refund?

    Thank you for this excellent post!


    1. Hi Daniella! Thanks for reading, I am so glad I could help out. The Taggies mat comes in many animal shapes! You can see them all here. I love the dog one, but the monkey is a close second! I got ours off of Amazon so you would just need to check the return policy through Amazon for the one you purchase. I think they offer returns on most everything.Congratulations to your sister!


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