Best Food for Teething – What Will Help?

4 thoughts on “Best Food for Teething – What Will Help?”

  1. Great article! I honestly have never considered the fact that acidic foods may not be helpful for teething. And I have two kids! Thank you for the information.

    If and when another comes around I will definitely keep the frozen bagels in mind too. That’s an awesome idea and you had many more.


    1. Hi Kayla! Thanks for reading, I honestly hadn’t ever thought about different foods NOT being helpful during teething until my second child. So glad I could help!


  2. Very usefull information!
    I have a son with 8 months and it seems is always ready to bite anything…even my face (it’s really good tought).

    The breast milk/formula popsicles really amazed me…I had never heard of or thought about it, but it’s a great idea. Thanks a lot for sharing.


    1. Hey Rui! Thanks for checking out my page. I think face biting is pretty common unfortunately. My daughter seems to be attracted most to my shoulder lol. Let me know if you get a chance to try a breast milk popsicle! Would love to hear if your son likes them!


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